FIG Article of the Month, January 2022: Frank Tierollf, Sisi Zlatanova, Noud Hooyman, Henk Scholten and Jan Bruijn talk about the concept "Digital Twins". Read more and watch the video...
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Corporate member of the Month in January 2022

The Corporate Member of the Month in January is our long-term member and partner Geomares, known for GIM Magazine, Hydro International and Geo...

Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration - Providing Secure Land Rights at Scale

This Special Issue of the open access Land Journal provide 26 articles edited by Prof Stig Enemark, Dr Robin McLaren and Prof Christiaan Lemme...

FIG Office Workshop - collecting ideas and tasks

FIG Office dedicated a full day to follow up on the substantial work of the FIG Task Force on FIG Governance.  ...

New Year Greeting from the President

FIG President Rudolf Staiger together with FIG Office wishes all a Happy New Year - see video greeting from the President...

FIG Foundation Grants 2022

FIG Foundation is pleased to announce the grant offerings of FIG Foundation PhD Scholarship, the Academic Research Grant and Grant to support attendance at FIG Congress 2022...

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Meeting the President General Assembly 2021

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Staiger was elected President at the General Assembly in May 2018

 Get to know Rudolf...

Read interview with Rudolf Staiger in GIM Magazine January 2019  Read more.

The General Assembly 2021 took place online 20 and 25 June 2021. Four sessions were offered.

Council Work Plan for the term 2019-2022.

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FIG publishes each month the FIG Article of the Month. This is a high-level paper focusing on interesting topic to all surveyors.

The Article of the Month January 2022. In this final "Video of the Month Series"  Reporter Ms. Pauline de Wilde, talks with Frank Tierollf Sisi Zlatanova, Noud Hooyman, Henk Scholten and Jan Bruijn about how Digital Twin can support to increase legal certainty and, is there a role for FIG to play? Read more and watch the video...

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