FIG Foundation - Building a Sustainable Future

How can I contribute?

Do you as a company, association, institution, surveyors’ group or individual person want to be part of building a sustainable future for the surveying profession together with the FIG Foundation?

Then get inspired of how to contribute or contact us for a talk about which type of donation could be the right solution for you.

Building a Sustainable Future with FIG Foundation

FIG Foundation - for a sustainable future for surveyors

FIG Foundation raises funds to secure a sustainable future for surveyors. Donations finance educational and capacity building projects and scholarships, especially in developing countries and countries in transition, and to encourage research into all disciplines of surveying and to disseminate the results of that research.

Together with FIG Foundation you have the possibility of building a sustainable future securing:

  •  Grants and scholarships to projects, for instance to develop curricula for surveying
    education, training and capacity building, especially in developing countries
  • Encourage research into all disciplines of surveying and to disseminate the results
    of that research
  • Promote high standards of education and training for surveyors and to facilitate
    continuing professional development
  • Educate people in the disciplines of surveying, particularly in developing countries
    and countries in transition
  • Promote the use of distance learning, networking, eLearning and knowledge management
    if surveying education and continuing professional development
  • Promote the exchange of surveying personnel for greater understanding of all facets
    of the profession of surveying
  • To support by seed funding conferences, meetings of young surveyors and similar
    events in cooperation with international agencies such as the United Nations

How to contribute


  • Donations which will be recognised by a plaque or a certificate of different categories reflecting the sum of donation as follows:.
    • platinum plaque US$ 25,000
    • gold plaque US$ 10,000
    • silver plaque US$ 5,000
    • bronze plaque US$ 1,000
  • Donations to support specific projects or by offering scholarships. Donors and Benefactors may use the FIG Foundation logo to promote their project donations or scholarships.
  • Voluntary donation when registering to FIG events.
  • Attending social functions such as the FIG Foundation Dinners held during every FIG Congress,  Working Week and other events.

You gain from donating

By donating to the FIG Foundation, you gain in many ways:

  • Socially responsible as most donations supports developing countries
  • Positive perception by others if used in marketing material
  • Supporting the continuous development of the surveying profession worldwide
  • And in most countries’ donations can be deducted in taxes!

Bank information

Donations to the FIG Foundation can be made to the Foundation's bank account in Denmark. For account details please contact the FIG office, email: